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About Me

My Story 

How did the Integrative Mental Performance Experience come to be?  How and why does it work? 

The BodyMindCombine System is an intersection of twenty years worth of experience in athletics, mental health, dance/movement therapy, movement observation and higher education administration.  An unlikely combination?  No, a uniquely perfect one. 

Mental Health 

I have over twenty years of mental health experience both broadly and with athletes. How injury,  family and/or life circumstances, team dynamics and many other factors effect athletes mental well-being must be incorporated holistically in order to achieve peak performance.  Strategies for maintaining emotional balance are key to the integrative mental performance approach. 


I am a trained ballet and modern dancer with a dance and psychology undergraduate degree and a Master's Degree in Dance/Movement Therapy.  I understand the dedication, discipline, pressure and physical and mental fatigue athletes face.  I understand the passion and love for the sport.  I live and breathe it too.  I appreciate the beauty and the art created in each moment of practice and competition.  

Dance/Movement Therapy and Movement Analysis 

As a board certified dance/movement therapist and certified movement analyst, I deeply and uniquely understand the mind/body connection.    I can observe one's movement, ask questions to their experiences and create specifically designed interventions to enliven fundamental movement patterns.  These patterns serve to strengthen the body/mind connection, enhance the ability to stay in present moment and self-regulate.  The result:  achieving the highest individual performance experience possible.  

My Approach

My work is about the individual.  I value each and every connection I have with an athlete.  I strive to understand their roadblocks and together we move through them.  I am a dancer, a runner, a reader, a wife and a mom.  I am a keen observer of the body and my joy is bringing the body and mind together.  Creativity is a fundamental piece of the work and comes from what each athlete brings to our work together.  I celebrate hard work, dedication, drive and falling apart.  I will help you reconnect, re-enliven and get you out of your head!  I cannot wait to work with you! 

Let’s Work Together!

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