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"Shannon's work with mindfulness and inner body awareness has completely changed not only my game but habits in my everyday life that have benefitted my long-term wellness.  My personal struggles with sleep, anxiety and sports performance made life a little harder until I met with Shannon and her techniques for coping and rejuvenating completely changed my life.  These skills travel far beyond the lines of the softball field and I am forever grateful for her passion, validation, and emphasis to make sure that her athletes are heard and taken care of.  She is a blessing in my life!"

Nicole, Division I Softball Player 

"For me, transferring to a new school is always hard and takes a toll on your mental health.  Shannon helped me get into a better state of mind to help me be successful in my sport and my everyday life."  

Men's Big East Basketball Player 

"The value Shannon provides to a care team is indescribable.  She fills gaps, eliminates barriers, and empowers those she works with (staff and student athletes). Working with Shannon has increased my efficiency as a health care professional; the impact she has made on student athletes' well-being is life changing.  Upon working with Shannon, I trust one could understand the depth of her value, as I see it."
Cyndi, Sports Performance Athletic Trainer
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