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In ONLY five sessions BodyMindCombine helped these three clients 

Athlete A: 50% increase in mental performance

               20% increase in athletic performance  


Athlete B: 80% increase in mental performance  

              20% increase in athletic performance  


Athlete C: 20% improvement on their free throws

Shannon has consulted with coaches, and sports performance staff from 18 different professional, minor league and Division 1 collegiate sports.   

Mental Performance Services For:

Performers and Artists 

Teams and 
Competition Groups   

Athletic Organizations,
Performing Arts Organizations and Corporations  

Nicole, Division I Softball Player 

"Shannon's work with mindfulness and inner body awareness has completely changed not only my game but habits in my everyday life that have benefitted my long-term wellness.  My personal struggles with sleep, anxiety and sports performance made life a little harder until I met with Shannon and her techniques for coping and rejuvenating completely changed my life.  These skills travel far beyond the lines of the softball field and I am forever grateful for her passion, validation, and emphasis to make sure that her athletes are heard and taken care of.  She is a blessing in my life!"

Get to Know Me!

I am Shannon Lengerich Suffoletto, your Integrative Mental Performance Specialist.  My deep knowledge of the mind/body connection, experience as a mental health counselor, dance/movement therapist and movement analyst weave together for an integrative mental performance experience unlike any other! Oh, did I mention I am a trained dancer and little league baseball coach too?!  

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(872) 221-7230

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